News - May 7th 2013

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June 1st - YNE 'Classic' - Ashington

August 24th - YNE 'Classic' Push 'n' Pull - Durham Rowing Club

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What's been happening in Lifting?

Louise Edwards lifted at the European Senior Championships in the Ukraine, and Dead-Lifted 155kg at 50.9kg - over triple bodyweight - great stuff! Results

At the YNE Masters, Best Lifter was Brian Lee with a 760kg total. Alan Twigg and guest lifters Ross Lawton and Shaun Kelly broke British age-group records. Phil Frost and Chris Cooper broke YNE age-group records. Results

The YNE Unequipped Bench: Slawek Kochan benched 192½kg to be Best Lifter. Results

Paul Cooper and Louise Edwards lifted for England at the Four Nations. Results

Louise Edwards lifted really well to get nine from nine (again) and total a PB (again) with 355kg in the 52s at the World Senior Championships in Puerto Rico - an increase of 27½kg from last year and a triple bodyweight dead-lift! Results

A good day's lifting at the Yorkshire Inter-club event put on by Doncaster All Rounders - although no Boroughbridge lifters, so Steelman and Doncaster were the only clubs there! Paul Cooper broke the YNE Unequipped Bench Press record to be Best Lifter. Sue Hollands and Alan Twigg broke British Masters Records. Louis Beaumont and Daniel Burns broke YNE age group records. 25 YNE records broken on the day. Results

A bronze medal for Sue Hollands at the Western European Powerlifting Championship in Luxeburg, and two World M3 Records as well - great stuff. Results

A good British Unequipped championship (now curiously renamed the British Classic) for the YNE: Senior titles for Paul Bartlett and Paul Cooper. Louise Whithington broke a YNE Senior Record, and age-group records were set by Victoria Embleton, Vick Yellen and Chris Woodhead. Luke Conboy and Danielle Chambers broke Yorkshire County Senior Records. Results

Andrew Connor (115kg Bench at 69kg) and James Duff (including a massive 292½kg Squat for British Junior and U23 records) lifted for GB at the world Juniors in Poland. Results

Great lifting from all the team - Yorkshire won the Roses Cup! Lancashire's Stephen Manuel was the Best Lifter with an unequipped 725kg at 100kg bodyweight. Paul Cooper broke a YNE Senior Unequipped Record, David Mills broke YNE age-group records and Luke Conboy benched 175½kg for a Yorkshire Record. Lancashire (well, Cumbria!) have a real find in Sally Carruthers: 160 - 80 - 175 unequipped! Many thanks to all the team. Results

Excellent lifting from Jim Dulling (our Chairman!), Steve Gott and Chris Cooper at the Euro Masters in Pilsen. Results

Some great lifting at the YNE Unequipped! British Senior Records were broken by Paul Cooper (including a 277½kg D/L @ 74kg) and by Mick Brown (a 320½kg Squat), and YNE Senior Records by Louise Withington. British Age Group Records were broken by Joe Robinson, Alex Carvell, Thomas Taylor and Mick Claydon. There were also 21 YNE Unequipped Records set. Results

The Yorkshire team for the 5th Roses Cup against Lancashire: Simon Whiteley, Paul Cooper, Luke Conboy, Roy Jakins, Mick Coopey, Phil Frost, Jonny Carass, Rob Richardson, Sheridan Atkinson, David Mills, Sarah Collier, Sue Hollands and Jo Jackson.

Just one YNE winner, and only two lifters, at this year's British Senior championships. Sue Hollands won her fourth title with 445kg and four British M3 records at 85.3kg. Louise Edwards was again second at 52kg with an excellant 345kg. Results

Four YNE lifters represented the UK at the inaugral IPF Classic (Unequipped Worlds) in Sweden. Paul Cooper was a brilliant 4th place in the 74kg Class, very nearly pulling a British Senior 277½kg going for 3rd. Jess Jones was the best master in the 57kg Class; Jenna Sadler got YNE Records on Bench and Dead-Lift in the 72s, and Carolyn Gibson got a YNE M2 Record on Bench in the 84+s.

Best Lifter at the inaugral South Yorks Bench contest was John Wright with 202½kg in the 105s and two YNE Masters Records. Tom Collins benched 200½kg for British M3 records. Roman Adamski with 175kg at 91kg bwt was best in the unequipped; Phil Stringer benched 153kg at 84 bwt for a British M3 record. Results

The YNE SENIOR CHAMPIONSHIP: Glenn Blacklock was Best Lifter for 2012, with his 615kg at 82.85kg bodyweight. Steve Gott benched 218kg for an YNE masters record. Louise Edwards, just back from the Europeans, dead-lifted almost triple bodyweight, and Sue Hollands broke British M3 records. Results

British Senior Unequipped Bench Press titles for Paul Cooper, Tom Gee and Dave Elliott. Results

Some great lifting at the South Yorkshire Unequipped Open! British Senior Unequipped Records were broken by Best Lifter Paul Cooper (Bench Press, Dead Lift and Total at 74kg) and Jess Jones (Squat at 57kg). Louise Withington and Richard Cross broke YNE Senior records. Two young lifters (Tom Taylor and Alexander Carvell) plus two older ones in Carolyn Gibson and Alan Twigg, set British age groups records. Forty-five YNE records were broken, and twelve lifters dead-lifted 250kg or more! Results

Tom Collins benched a British M3 Record 190kg for silver at the World Masters' Bench Press Championships in the USA.

At the British Masters Powerlifting, there were YNE Masters Records for Sue Hollands (with several British records), John Wright, who benched 197½kg, and Chris Cooper, who totalled 635kg. Results

Andrew Connor (105kg Bench at 66kg) and James Duff (290kg Squat at 79kg) broke YNE age-group Records at the British Junior Powerlifting in Coventry. Results